• Aligning and Building Curriculum (ABC)

    "Great opportunity to talk to other people about their ideas. We don't get enough opportunity for that in our day-to-day jobs."

  • Faculty Cyber Connections (FCC)

    "Overall a fantastic course, relevant information, timely activities... I really truly enjoyed it. Thank you again!"

  • Focus on Learning (FOL)

    "Thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to try them. You've got me excited about teaching."

  • Support Staff Cyber Connections

    "This was my first online module and I enjoyed the format a lot. I would like to take another online module if given the chance."

  • Getting Connected - Support Staff Conference

    "I enjoyed meeting other college staff and learning a lot from their experiences."

  • Leadership Excellence in Academic Programming (LEAP)

    "I was pleased and would encourage other coordinators to attend. I'm taking home good usable ideas."

  • Celebrating Great Teaching Retreat

    "The lack of rigid structure really allowed for a level of productive sharing and spontaneity that made this experience really valuable."

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Aligning & Building Curriculum

Celebrating Great Teaching

Leadership Excellence in Academic Programming

Faculty Cyber Connections
Focus on Learning
Getting Connected
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The Eastern Region College Committee on Human Resources Development (ERCCHRD) endeavours to provide relevant professional development and training opportunities to college faculty, support, and administrative staff in Eastern Ontario.

The collaborative efforts of members from Algonquin, Durham, Fleming, La Cité, Loyalist and St. Lawrence Colleges ensure the professional development needs at each participating college are met by sharing resources and information, providing an opportunity to recognize and showcase expertise, reducing the duplication of effort as well as allowing colleges to share costs.

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